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We leverage legally relevant current events to highlight your legal knowledge and experience and promote your law practice

So much of the news reporting on current events revolves around the law, legal issues and public policy, but straight, factual reporting may fail to catch important nuances. Because of your legal education, training and experience as a lawyer, your legal analysis and comments regarding a particular legally relevant event have tremendous value to readers in understanding the implications and ramifications of that event.

Our Law Commentary program allows you to participate as a Legal Commentator, directly highlighting your legal professionalism, experience and knowledge, thereby promoting your law practice.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register to be a Legal Commentator.
  2. Once registration is completed, you can log in and view available legal news topics.
  3. Select a legal news topic and read the article synopsis.
  4. From reading the synopsis, if the legal news topic is something you would like to comment on, then follow the prompts to secure the topic, and answer the questions posed by our editors.
  5. Our team of professional writers and editors develop the news topic you selected into a comprehensive news article, integrating your comments with your name, law office, and how to contact you.
  6. The news article is posted on the LawListing | Law Commentary website for legal news, information and blogs, as well as on social media and syndicated to other news agencies, granting news organizations the license to republish with your commentary and law firm information intact.

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